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Carpooling Perks

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    Carpool Perks

    We all know that carpooling is better for the environment and is a cost efficient method of transportation, but did you know that there are a multitude of other benefits too? In fact, carpooling can improve not only your financial life, but your personal life, professional life and even your mental health. We’ve provided a list of other ways that teaming up with your fellow road warriors can improve your life.

    You’ll Get There Faster

    Though you may have noticed those high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes on the highway, you probably haven’t really given them much thought. Many states create these carpool-only lanes to encourage more people to consider it as a commuting option. Using these lanes can greatly cut down on the time you are in a vehicle. They can also help you navigate around traffic jams and accidents more easily too.

    Increased Productivity

    When you’re driving yourself to work, especially in high-traffic conditions, you must stay focused and alert at all times. However, when you carpool, there are days that you don’t drive, leaving you free to do other things. Use the time to catch up on work emails, prepare for a meeting, read the paper or other tasks to make your day go smoother. This increased productivity will pay off in your personal and professional life.

    Get Compensated


    Some employers actually have commuter incentive programs, which provide additional compensation for employees who agree to carpool. This is often enough to cover, or mostly offset, the cost of gasoline for drivers. In addition, many states don’t require that the driver report this compensation as income, which makes it tax-free.

    Lower Stress


    Many drivers experience high stress and anxiety when they drive. These feelings are exacerbated in areas of high traffic and congestion. High stress levels are bad for your health, and they often linger after arriving at work and can negatively impact your job. Carpooling provides a relief from this daily stress, allowing you to arrive at work relaxed, refreshed and ready to start the day. Similarly, after arriving at home each night, carpoolers are ready to relax and spend time with their families rather than having to wind down after a brutal commute.

    Be In the Know


    Carpooling with coworkers is a great way to develop personal relationships, but it’s also a good way to get insider knowledge about your workplace. Coworkers may have insight into special projects, job openings or other information that you can use to your advantage. This is a great reason to choose carpooling partners from different areas of the company that you work for.

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