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4 Spring Cleaning hacks

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    With spring approaching quickly, it is the time where people open their windows for the fresh air and begin the yearly remodel of their cleaning habits. Although the task of cleaning your entire home may seem daunting, AIS has 4 spring cleaning hacks that will help minimize some of your cleaning time.

    1. The Pillow Case Sweeper:

    Ceiling fans are difficult to clean, especially if you save the task for last and have the grime fall onto your floor. In order to make this job easier, all you need is an old pillowcase. Place an old pillowcase over one fan blade at a time and wipe it backwards. This will remove all the debris while trapping it inside the pillowcase.

    Spring cleaning - ceiling fan cleaning hack

    2. Hard Water Stain Remover:

    Hard water stains in your bathroom fixtures are extra cumbersome because you can scrub and scrub with the best cleaning products, but they do not budge. The solution? Scrub the fixtures with half of a lemon or grape fruit and rinse with water. The acid in these fruits will remove the stains with ease.

    1-LemonsSpring cleaning - Sink cleaning hack

    3. Stainless Steel Brightener:

    Stainless steel appliances give your home a more refined look; however, the shine can dull over time due to debris and other household dirt. A quick and easy way to get your appliances to shine is to take one cloth and applying baby oil, and wiping it away with another dry cloth. It will add to the brightness of your kitchen.

    Spring cleaning - Stainless steel brightening

    4. The Wood Floor Silencer:

    You may not thinking of this while on the topic of spring cleaning, but did you know you can help your floors noisiness with only baking soda? To stop the noise of your wood floors, apply a touch of baking powder into the cracks and wipe it up with a damp cloth. The baking soda acts as a type of lubricant that helps the boards to not rub together.

    Spring cleaning - Wood floor cleaning

    This time of year is all about renewal and celebration of warm weather approaching, so now is the time to prepare for the summer fun. While planning your strategy for your yearly spring cleaning, keep these time saving hacks in mind for your cleaning efforts to work seamlessly.

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