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How to Combat Spring Allergies

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    For most people, the beginning of the spring months mean longer days, warmer weather and lighter clothes; however, for some unlucky people, it also means being overwhelmed with itchy, watery eyes and sneezing. It is spring allergies season, and while it might seem hopeless to combat the scratchy throats and stuffy noses, there are ways to help. For this week’s blog. AIS gives four examples of how to enjoy the spring air without being overran with allergies.

    Wash your pet’s hair:

    This might seem like an obvious action, but you would be surprised how much it gets overlooked. Even if you are not allergic to your pet, you may be allergic to what he or she is bringing into your house in their fur. Pet hair attracts pollen, dust and mold that will be tracked into your house. You do not have to wash your animal every time they venture outside, a simple wipe down with a wet cloth will do wonders.

    Spring allergies - man bathing his dog

    Reduce beauty products:

    Make the spring months the beginning to your reduction of beauty products such as hairspray, hair gel and make up. Not only do these products feel heavier and stickier during the warmer months, but they are also an attraction for pollen, dust and other allergens. When you go outside, the allergens stick to your hair and face due to the stickiness of your beauty products.

    Wash your hands:

    Even though washing hands may be a constant for you during the cold and flu season of the winter months, it can also help combat spring allergies. Whenever you come back inside after being outdoors for any amount of time, immediately wash your hands in order to rinse off any allergens that may be attaches to them.

    Spring allergies - washing hands with soap

    Wear only natural fabrics:

    Certain synthetic fibers create electricity when they rub against each other, attracting pollen, which is also electrically charged. To play it safe, opt for clothes made from natural materials like cotton during allergy season.

    The spring seasons and warm weather should be celebrated, even by allergy sufferers. It is possible to minimize your exposure to allergens with a small number of steps in order to have your best spring yet!

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