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Earthquake Hits in the San Francisco Bay Area

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    Recently, an earthquake with a 4.0 magnitude hit the East Bay area near Oakland and Piedmont, California last week. The tremor was reported near 7 o’clock in the morning, and was felt strongly near Oakland, Berkeley, and the other Eastern Bay areas, with San Francisco only receiving less tremors.

    Earthquake  Insurances | Golden Gate Bridge

    No damage, injuries, or reports were made in response to the quake, although there were short delays caused on the transit system. Citizens of the cities affected were reported as saying the quake only lasted for a few seconds, and sounded more like a tree branch cracking or snapping. The epicenter of the quake occurred near the junction of 24 and 13 freeways, and was followed by seven aftershocks.

    Experts have said that the tremblor came from Hayward Fault, which is predicted as being able to cause large amounts of devastation should it ever produce a large. The Hayward Fault is a major branch of the San Andreas fault system, and runs for more than 60 miles through the Bay area. It is said to have created an earthquake in 1868 that was known as “The Big One” until the 1906 San Francisco quake. So what happens if another earthquake of this magnitude hits, and causes more devastation?

    Did you know that about 80% of California residents don’t have earthquake insurance? This is unfortunate  considering that we live in one of the areas of the world most prone to devastating earthquakes. Yet, without an immediate threat, many people avoid dealing with this issue. We’re all guilty of that at some points in our lives.

    Earthquake  Insurances | Damaged Building in San Francisco


    So what does happen if another earthquake of this magnitude hits and causes more devastation? It’s entirely possible, and both experts and the citizens living  in these cities are aware of the dangers present. Where does that leave us?

    Precautions are a necessity in the world we live in now, and there’s no better way to  keep yourself and your loved ones safe, than with the appropriate insurance coverage from AIS Insurance. This isn’t some marketing ploy to try and get you to spend more money than you have, earthquake insurance in very affordable compared with cost of damages that can come with a major quake. It may only be a matter of time until a larger and more devastating quake comes along and shakes up all of our lives. We’re here when you’re ready to secure your future.

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