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Donald Trump & The Importance of Doing Your Own Research

    2 minute read

    Whether you love him, or hate him, it’s hard to go anywhere without hearing Donald Trump’s name. He’s constantly in the news and in coffeeshops. However, ever since he announced he would be running for President of the United States in the 2016 Election, it’s been hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to Trump.


    This brings up an interesting point about how the news works nowadays. When you watch a news station on the television today,  it’s pretty easy to tell which political party the channel leans towards. If you dare to go on social media and try and have a political discussion, you could be confronted with so many varying, but equally biased, political opinions that you might just get a headache.

    So what does this mean? Many people believe it’s become harder to know what is actually true about a political candidate, and what is simply repeated message points that everyone has accepted as being true.


    Now, this  post isn’t for or against Donald Trump but the point is that often to make an important decision, you’ll want to do some of your own research first.That’s a big part of why AIS is here.  We make researching auto insurance easier by providing multiple companies rates to compare when you fill out our one short quote form.  That, in itself, is a form of insurance against overpaying for coverage!

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