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Update Your Insurance Policy on National Make-up Your Mind Day

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    Insurance Policy Update - National Make up your Mind DayTomorrow is going to officially be 2016. It’s a New Year. It’s January 1 – the first day of the calendar year onto which we love to throw out resolutions for self-betterment and bucket-list activities. I’ll lose weight this year. I’ll also be a better friend. I’ll run a marathon and go to church every Sunday. I’ll visit Argentina and call my mom once a week. The list usually goes on and on, and if you’re as busy as the typical American, it’s lost by mid-February. There’s just too much to do.

    National Make-up Your Mind Day

    That’s probably why National Make Up Your Mind Day is observed annually on December 31. If you’ve been hesitating about one thing or another, or your to-do list for the New Year trends far longer than a single page, this is the day to join with others and finally make up your mind—about anything, really!

    Last year, social media had some fun with the holiday as users posted about the need to finalize dinner plans for New Year’s Eve. Alternatively, Twitter user @dailyRx committed to: “Better #Sleep for a Stronger Mind: #MakeUpYourMindDay.” Whether it was for the night ahead, or the whole year isn’t clear. Either way, a decision was made.

    While there’s not much available history about the formulation of National Make Up Your Mind Day, we’re on trend with it here. Why not gather all of those thoughts, perceptions, memories, emotions and imaginings that make up your brain’s consciousness and take the last day of 2015 and actually do something actionable—like, say, update your insurance policies or check to see that they’re all current as you head into next year. The process will be quick and painless once you get an agent on the phone, and imagine how great it’ll feel to do something productive a day before your other resolutions kick in—all before you go out tonight and say your goodbyes to 2015.

    Insurance Policy Update - Thinking Statue

    Updating Insurance with Your Life-Changing  Decisions

    All too often our decisions around January 1 involve some form of unrealistic discipline. Insuring your safety, whether it’s while you’re at home, on the road or running a business, doesn’t have to feel hard. Any one of our insurance representatives here at AIS will walk you through your current policies and what they do or do not cover, especially if 2015 has brought a significant life change for you: Did you get married, have a baby or purchase a new home?

    Or, if you’re new to the insurance game, we work with a number of providers, so our quick quote system can display multiple companies’ rates within minutes. Guarantee yourself a safe and savings-filled 2016 right now. For homeowners insurance, click here. For auto insurance, here. For renters insurance, here. For all of our products, here.

    Decide to give us a call right now. After that, we’ll reward you for making up your mind with expert guidance and easy insurance choices. We can even get you insured on the same day that you call. It may be the last day of the year, but this could be the best thing you do.


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