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Will the Cost of California Auto Insurance Go Up or Down as You Age?

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    Auto insurance
    Being older doesn’t have to mean paying more for your auto insurance.

    You learned to drive in California in your teens, and managed to go most of your life without getting into any accidents. It was such a relief to have your auto insurance rates drop as you moved out of your teens, but now you are approaching your pre-retirement years, still living in California, and you wonder if your rates are going to go up again because of your age.

    There is a perception that older drivers may be less safe due to diminished reaction time and other signs of aging, but there are several factors that may make senior drivers safer than their younger counterparts, which can actually save them money on their auto insurance.

    Your Rate May Vary

    You might expect your rates to go up as you reach age 60 or 70 and have to deal with the affects that aging has on your driving.  The good news for California drivers is that due to Proposition 103, California auto insurance rates are based on years of driving experience, not on age. Typically, your rate will continue to diminish as your years of driving experience increase.

    Different Discounts May Apply

    If you don’t drive far to work or have retired, you may qualify for a low-mileage discount as well, since less driving lowers your risk of accidents and damage.

    Seniors may be able to take a defensive “mature driver” refresher course to get a discount on their insurance. These courses are typically inexpensive and are taken in a classroom or online. Being a member of a club such as AARP or the Seniors Coalition may also lead to a discount for seniors.

    Seniors who are willing to allow a tracking device to be installed in their cars could also save money if their driving is diagnosed as being safe. The devices typically measure how fast you are driving as well as the time of day you drive and how many times you brake hard.

    Auto insurance
    Insurance rates go up only slightly for older drivers, a cost which is often offset by other discounts.

    Life Changes Could Equal Savings

    Sometimes you need to get a new auto insurance quote to find out if life changes during your senior years qualify you for a lower rate with a particular company, since each one has its own algorithms to calculate the risks of insuring someone.

    Learn about our insurance discounts and and get a free auto insurance rate comparison quote today.

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