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The Consequences of Choosing to Drive Without Car Insurance in California

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    Getting pulled over when you don’t have insurance can expose you to fines and other actions against your license.

    Your bills were higher than normal one month and you couldn’t pay your California car insurance. After a few weeks of non-payment, the insurance company canceled your policy. Before you saved enough money to get your policy reinstated or get a new one, you got pulled over in a routine traffic stop, and you don’t have any insurance documents to give the officer. Now, you have a huge fine to pay.

    Car insurance is important to have – and not just because it’s California law. Having car insurance protects you, your passengers and anyone who may be involved in an accident with you. Without coverage, you may not be able to pay for damages caused by an accident – including injuries and lost wages, which could total thousands of dollars.

    Required Car Insurance in Californiabigstock-Insurance-Concept-112179629_600x

    California requires that all drivers carry a minimum of $15,000 for injury or death of one person and $30,000 for injury or death of two or more persons, as well as $5,000 for property damage. These minimum amounts may not be sufficient to cover the costs of a serious accident.

    There are severe consequences and penalties for driving without insurance in California. Vehicle Code section 16029 states that the minimum penalty for a first offense of driving without insurance is $100. A base fine of $100 will cost about $450 with added fees and penalty assessments. If there is a second offense within three years, you could be fined between $200 and $500, with fees and penalties that add up to a total of $900 to $2500.

    When you choose to be uninsured, you risk stiff penalties. In addition to fines, your car can also be impounded. If an accident occurs while driving without insurance, your license could be suspended for up to four years. You could also be held liable for property damage and injury costs for all parties in the accident if it is your fault.

    In most cases, cancellation of insurance is also reported to the DMV, which then takes steps to suspend your vehicle registration for up to six months.

    How to Avoid Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

    In California or any state, it’s very easy to avoid fines and penalties for driving without insurance. Simply put, if you don’t have insurance, don’t drive your car, and don’t drive someone else’s car if it doesn’t have insurance either. AIS can provide you with car insurance quotes so you can compare rates. You can choose the protection you need at the lowest cost available. Start your quotes now.

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