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The 6 Most Expensive Collisions in History

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    A car accident is never without expense, but some accidents can be exorbitantly expensive due to the size of the accident and the price tag of the cars involved. Insuring the following types of cars requires special policies and costs more than a standard policy, but the most expensive collisions in history can be a good reminder that minimum insurance coverage may not be enough when an accident takes place.

    1. Toyota 2000GT vs. Tree – $1.2 million

    In Japan in 2014, a $1.2 million white Toyota 2000GT had a head-on collision with a tree, causing the entire frame to crumple like a sheet of computer paper along with extensive damage to front and back windows and lights. This accident gave new meaning to the term ‘accordion seats.’ Hopefully the driver was not in the seat when it folded.

    2. Rowan Atkinson’s Second McLaren F1 Crash – $1.4 million

    Atkinson, best known for playing Mr. Bean on the popular British TV show, survived a crash while driving his McLaren. The $1.4 million repair bill for Atkinson’s crash was the largest ever recorded in the UK up to that date. He went on, a few years later, to assist another McLaren driver after the stranger crashed into a tree.

    3. Eddie Griffin’s Enzo Crash a Stunt? – $1.5 million

    In 2007, comedian Eddie Griffin crashed a rare Ferrari Enzo while practicing for a charity race on a racetrack. The car was destroyed, but Griffin was uninjured. Some spectators thought the crash was a publicity stunt since the car was related to Griffin’s upcoming movie, Redline, and was owned by the movie’s producer. Both Griffin and the producer denied that it was a stunt, and the car was later repaired.

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    A Ferrari Enzo on display, worth at least $1.5 million.

    4. Japan’s Costliest Car Wreck – $3.85 million

    On a road that was slightly wet, this 14 car pileup included 8 Ferraris, one Lamborghini Diablo, one Skyline R33 and one high-end Mercedes-Benz. The crash took place in 2011 and caused extensive damage to the pricey vehicles involved.

    5. 1998 Belgian Grand Prix – $25.2 million

    Fourteen Formula One racecars were involved in this crash, each with an estimated repair cost of $1.8 million, for a total of over $25 million in damage. Every insurance adjuster’s nightmare, the average F1 car today is valued at nearly $10 million, showing the impact of inflation as well as technological advances.

    6. Ferrari 250 GT0 - $35 million

    In this accident, the Ferrari was pushed into the path of an oncoming minivan and the owner’s wife suffered a broken arm. The other driver and passenger were also injured after rear-ending the blue-and-yellow racecar during a historic rally. Although no one is sure of the actual amount of damage, the car is now worth $38 million and climbing, earning this accident the title of most expensive collision in the world.

    You may not own a 7- or 8-figure automobile, but an accident can cause damage to vehicles, property, and people that quickly adds up to a huge price tag. Get an auto insurance quote from AIS that will handle all your needs and protect you from unwanted expenses in the event of an accident.

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