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How Being a Good Student Can Pay Off

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    graduation cap and diplomaWould You Like to Save Up to 30% on Car Insurance for Your Teen?

    Parents are usually concerned about their children’s performance in school because they want them to have bright and exciting futures. But here’s a way your child’s academic commitment can pay off now: With AIS, you could be eligible for a Good Student discount that could save you up to 30%, depending on the policy and your grades.

    Why do we offer a discount like this? To understand this, we first need to understand why teenagers typically have such high insurance rates in the first place. Insurance is all about mitigating or reducing risk, and, well, teenagers typically represent a higher than average risk to the insurance company.

    Why Teens Are Considered Dangerous

    Teenagers and young adults are subject to high insurance rates for a number of reasons, not all of which are under your control. One of the biggest problems is simply that teenagers haven’t had much practice at driving. The more experience a driver has, the safer they’re likely to be.

    As you age, you’ll be less likely to be in an accident: even just comparing rates between sixteen-year-old and seventeen-year-old drivers shows substantial improvements.

    There are other factors as well, and you’re probably familiar with them. For example, you know we can’t use a cell phone in any way, shape, or form while driving in California, and that your teen can’t drive their friends around without a licensed driver in the car with them, and so on. These rules have all been implemented under California law because, as annoying as you may find them, they help prevent accidents.

    And the same is true of grades. Studies have shown that the same habits that make a young adult a good student are the same habits that lead to fewer accidents and better drivers.

    young girl standing by her carWhy Good Grades Help

    Grades can be a reflection of how responsible and attentive a teenager is. If students are able to listen and absorb information in class, bring their assignments in on time, and do them well enough to lead the class, it indicates maturity, responsibility and forethought, and they’re rewarded accordingly at AIS.

    If your child possesses these qualities, it likely means that they’re less likely to get into accidents by engaging in risky behaviors — like speeding or drag-racing — that injure and kill so many teenagers every year.

    To qualify for the discount, your student needs at least a B average, with most insurance companies.and the better the grades and the longer history of good grades, the more of a discount you’re likely to get.

    So the next time you talk to your child about grades, remind your teen that performing well in school doesn’t only affect their future but it also saves mom and dad some money.

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