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It’s Cookout Season: Tips for Your Deck

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    It’s Cookout Time!

    Cookout season is finally here after a long winter and you are anxious to get those steaks and chops, burgers and dogs and veggies and taters served up to all your friends. Before you fire up the grill for the first time, we have a few tips designed to keep your deck safe and worry free for the rest of the season.

    Deck Safety Tips

    Think safety first and avoid injuries and lawsuits.

    • Deck-SafetyFire Safety – Be sure to have a fire extinguisher handy, avoid clutter around the grill and make precautions so your grill will not tip over in the wind.

    • Slipping – Many household accidents result from water or other liquids collecting in traffic areas. Be sure to check for any low spots or other issues that may allow for water collection.

    • Mark Steps – Tripping is another common cause and you can avoid this one by painting steps a bright yellow to alert your visitors of potential hazards.

    • Remove Clutter – Excess clutter in the form of too many chairs, tables, flower pots, balls and other items can also lead to injury and open yourself up to personal liability claims. Keep pathways clear from the house to the grill.

    Deck Appearance Tips

    Early in the season is the best time for sprucing it up

    • Pressure-Washing-DeckStain or Paint – Early in the season is a great time to freshen up the stain or paint on your deck. A spray painter works best and provides the best coverage. Consult your local home improvement center for the best materials and coverage.

    • Repair broken rails and flooring – Take the time to carefully walk the entire deck looking for loose flooring and check posts and railing for damage. Replacing them now will save you headaches later.

    • Exposed nails and screws – Same as above, replace worn out nails and screws to avoid those nasty cuts on fingers and toes

    • Power Cleaning – If the deck is not necessarily in need of painting or staining, a good power washing will spruce it up for the season.

    Other Ideas

    • backyard-lightsExtra Fuel Tank – Buy an extra tank of propane before you run out to avoid those embarrassing times when everything is ready except the meat!

    • Insects – Citronella candles and fuel ready? Avoid the uninvited guests.

    • Umbrella – Check to see how it made it through the winter.

    Enjoy the season and think safety. You and your guests will be glad you did!

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